Does Back-to-School Shopping Stress You Out?

According to a new survey, 91% of parents say the whole back-to-school shopping thing stresses them out.  The number one reason is money.  Having to drag your kid around a store is the second most stressful part of it.  Here are four more random stats from the survey . . .


1.  The top five items parents plan to buy are pens, clothes, shoes, notebooks and backpacks.  Parents who DO plan to buy clothes expect to spend an average of $153 on them, plus $71 on new shoes.

2.  If you want to have the COOLEST five-year-old in class, the four most popular themes this year are “Lego Batman,” “Frozen,” “Cars 3” and “Despicable Me.”

3.  32% of parents also plan to buy electronics for their kids and spend an average of $121 on them.

4.  The number one thing parents want to do once they DON’T have to watch their kids all day is go shopping for THEMSELVES.


(PR Newswire)


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