A Person Who Stole a Rock Sent It Back After It Brought Them Bad Luck


These days, we all need all the good luck we can get . . . even if that means doing some STRANGE things to get it.

Last week, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department got a package in the mail with a rock inside. And there was a note with it that said, quote, “Someone brought this home to me three years ago.  Bad things been happening ever since.” The Parks and Wildlife Department tweeted a picture of the note and the rock, and reminded other people not to take rocks from the parks.  I mean . . . they don’t want to be cursed too, right? (CBS 4 – Denver)

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Red Lobster Saved a Blue Lobster

Blue lobsters are incredibly rare . . . only about one out of every two million lobsters is blue.  Red Lobsters are less rare . . . you can find one in most suburban malls. An employee at a Red Lobster in Akron, Ohio was going through their live lobster delivery last week when he spotted a BLUE LOBSTER in the batch. 

And apparently he did his lobster homework . . . because he knew how rare it was. So instead of dropping it in the tank, he got in touch with the local zoo . . . and they came to get the blue lobster and give it a permanent home. (CNN

“World’s Most Identical Twins” Share a Boyfriend and Want Him to Get Them Both Pregnant

They refuse to be more than a few feet apart, dress alike, share a job, have the same plastic surgery, eat exactly the same number of calories, exercise the same amount of time, and even use the toilet at the same time.

And . . . they share the same boyfriend.  He’s a 39-year-old guy named Ben Byrne, and they say he, quote, “understands our bond.” So now . . . they want him to get them both PREGNANT at the same time.

They’re not totally sure how that’s going to be possible, and they’re thinking it might require IVF . . . but that’s the plan.  Quote, “We want to experience pregnancy together.” (Metro