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A Study Found Long-Distance Relationships Have a 31% Success Rate

Long-distance relationships never work, right?  Well, a new study found out what the ACTUAL success rate is.  And it’s a lot higher than zero . . . Only one in four Americans have been in a long-distance relationship before.  But of the people who have, 31% said it worked out.

That’s the number of people who eventually moved and turned it into a SHORT-distance relationship.  Another 26% said they’re currently dating someone long distance, and they’ve got plans in place to move soon.

Here are a few more stats we found interesting . . .

1.  People define “long distance” differently.  Around half said you have to be in a different state or country.  Other people said at least two hours away counts.

2.  32% of people who’ve dated long distance said they’d never do it again.  51% overall said they were long distance for more than a year.

3.  Bad communication is the #1 reason long-distance relationships fail, followed by jealousy issues and cheating.  Cheating was reported in 22% of the relationships.

4.  11% of people currently dating long distance have never met the person in real life.

5.  5% of long-distance relationships are OPEN relationships.  But it’s higher for one demographic:  For long-distance daters over 65, it’s 9%.  (SexualAlpha)