A Woman Is Busted Using a Photoshopped Picture of a Nail in a Tire When She’s Late for Work


At least if you’re going to come up with a LIE for why you’re late to work, make it one that can’t be undone by zooming in on a photo. A woman named Sydney Whitson in Norman, Oklahoma tweeted last week about one of her coworkers who was late to work and said it was because she had a flat tire.  And the woman even sent her boss a picture of a nail in a tire.

But there were two BIG problems.  One, if you zoom in on the photo, it’s obvious that the picture is Photoshopped . . . the nail looks incredibly fake. And two, if you do a Google search for “nail in tire,” it’s literally the FIRST PHOTO that comes up. Sydney’s tweet is now going viral . . . but so far, we don’t have an update on whether her coworker was fired. 

(Daily Mirror)

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