Billie Eilish’s New James Bond Theme Will Be Released April 10th.


BILLIE EILISH’s new James Bond theme, “No Time to Die”, will be released April 10th.  Check out a quick sample.  (Full Story)

What else is trending with music:

Well, Venita McCollum, the mother of LIL YACHTY, is here to help.  She put out a book last summer called Raising a Rapper, and it’s a, quote, “step-by-step guide for parents rearing kids with dreams in the entertainment industry.” And it isn’t JUST parenting stuff.  It includes advice on how to handle financial and legal stuff.  “Raising a Rapper” is available on Amazon and in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

GWEN STEFANI has had to cancel a few of her Vegas shows because she’s sick.  Now, I’m not one to start baseless rumors, but . . . coronavirus???  (Full Story)

The upcoming FOO FIGHTERS album includes a riff DAVE GROHL has been working on for 25 years.  (Full Story)

GUCCI MANE wished HIMSELF a happy birthday on Twitter.  (Full Story)

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