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Studio Line

Your home isn’t yours unless it’s furnished right. We have solutions.

Your home is a reflection of you. Bright spaces reflect a bright personality, a handsome oak credenza reflects a refined sense of taste. But having the right amount of presentable space for the right amount of activities, supplies, shoes, etc can be a challenge.

Getting your kitchen, living room, or pantry to fit your lifestyle can be a problem for many homeowners in Western Montana unless the experts at Montana Closets come to the rescue. They’ve been getting it right for homeowners in Western Montana since 1988, and specialize in wood and wire closets, storage areas, pantries, garages, bookshelves and Murphy-style beds.

In other words, if you can name it, they’ve probably made a closet for it!

Bedroom Reach-In Closets

The custom closet you need for the room you’re in. Whether it be for the kids, office, guests, arts & crafts, you name it and we can outfit your space with what you want.

Master Closets/Walk-Ins

The needs and looks of master closets are as unique as you are. We have sliding belt & tie racks, drawers, wire baskets, shoe shelves, jewelry trays, locking cupboards, and fold-out ironing boards just to name a few. We can design your custom closet in wood, ventilated wire shelving, or a combination of both.

Montana Closets would love to help you with your living space today. Visit their website HERE, their fB page HERE or call (406) 240-4307

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