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More Than Half of Us Think Eating Is a Form of Therapy and the Best Part of Our Day

Sure, you could spend money on a shrink, OR just eat an entire pizza and call it a day. According to a new poll, 55% of Americans think of eating as a form of therapy. And three out of five say sitting down to eat is often the best part of their day. Here are a few more quick stats:

1.  63% of Americans say that sitting down for a meal gives them a much-needed mental break.

3.  Over a third of us have at least one night a week that’s dedicated to a certain food.  Like “Taco Tuesdays.”

2.  Half of us have planned out a special meal several days in advance, because we were stressed and needed something to look forward to.

4.  The top foods we look forward to eating are:  Pizza, burgers, pasta, barbecue, Asian foods, French fries and fast food in general. Mac-and-cheese, burritos, and nachos also made the list. (SWNS)