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New York Times Says These Gadgets Aren’t Worth Buying


“The New York Times” tech blog recently ran a list of gadgets you SHOULDN’T buy.  Because they’re not worth the money, or other options are better.  Here’s a quick rundown of what they found . . .

1.  Stop buying Apple chargers and other name-brand cables.  You can find generic cables that are almost as good now, and a lot cheaper.

2.  Air fryers.  They’re not much better than a regular oven.  And if you’re hoping for the same taste as deep-fried, you’ll be disappointed.

3.  Keurig coffee makers.  They say the best you get is diner coffee.  And at worst, it’s “hot brown water.”  Every other brewing method makes better coffee, but if you like the convenience, Nespresso machines are decent.

4.  Avoid essential oil insect repellents . . . sticky bug traps . . . and bug zappers.  Regular old bug spray is best.  The zappers you hang outside do kill a lot of bugs, but the wrong kind.  So they’re bad for the environment.

5.  For pets, avoid “smart” feeders . . . pet cameras . . . and automatic litter boxes.  The feeders aren’t that “smart.”  Security cameras are cheaper and better.  And automatic litter boxes malfunction a lot, and end up being a bigger hassle than a normal litter box.

6.  Here are a few more random things they say to avoid:  Wi-Fi toothbrushes are overpriced and dumb . . . tower fans don’t work well . . . most baby bottle warmers suck . . . and adding extra antivirus software to your computer is pointless. (NY Times)

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