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We've all seen it: Parents standing in line with their little ones, waiting to snag the yearly picture with Santa. Some kids can't wait to visit the big guy, others not so much. Some kiddos don't want anything to do with the bearded one. Well that photo you never thought you'd use could just score you some pretty cool prizes with "Santa Made Me Cry!"

Starting on Monday, November 26th we'll start taking your photos (just click the "Upload Photo" button up top to submit that picture). Then on Monday, December 17th we'll start voting on the best picture...with our winner announced on Friday, December 21st. That person will win a $100 gift card to The Montana Club and a pair of lift tickets to Snowbowl.


Each person is allowed to enter one picture during the contest. When it comes to voting, you're allowed one vote per day, per IP address. Standard contest rules apply. To read all of them, click here!

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