Scientists Announced a Breakthrough That’s Reduced the Death Rates of People With Severe COVID-19 Cases


Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  Scientists in the U.K. announced a, quote, “major breakthrough” yesterday, as trials have found a cheap, common steroid called dexamethasone has reduced the death rates of people with severe COVID-19 cases by about one-third.

They say the results show the drug should immediately become part of the standard care for patients with extreme cases. But . . . and this is really important . . . you should NOT go out right now, get some dexamethasone, and start taking it to prevent coronavirus.  It doesn’t work that way and you don’t know what it could do to your body.

2.  The quarantine has closed the parenting gap.  Dads have done 58% more childcare during these past few months than they’d normally do.  Moms are still doing more of the childcare . . . but the gap is a lot closer.

3.  When a coronavirus vaccine is available, it will be provided for free to any American who can’t afford it.

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