Sing For Your Supper

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Listen for your chance to win one!

You could win the ultimate music party game that everybody (friends and family) will want to play again and again. “Sing For Your Supper” is a card game for people who love hit music, food or both! Great for parties, a get together, birthdays, holidays, game night, family night, or anywhere people can be found. Available on Amazon right now.

Here’s How You Play:

Draw hit song cards from 5 genres spanning 6 decades. The lyrics are scrambled so you must figure out what song the card is hinting at using clues like the genre and the decade, then you have to sing the actual song to the other players who try to guess the correct title. If they do, you get to complete a dish for your supper. The player or team to complete a 4 course meal first wins!

Game Contents:

120 Song Cards , 84 Supper Cards, 5 Quick Reference Cards, 1 Rule Book, 1 Cue Key and box (4 x 4 x 3 inches)

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