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The Honorable Mention Was So Close To Making It, That We Couldn’t Help But Play It Too

Your “Top 3 at 3:00 PM:”

With the song coming in at #3, we find an interesting question with the members of Silk Sonic and who’s worth more. Based on what we read, it appears that Anderson .Paak’s 5 million doesn’t stand a chance to Bruno Mar’s 175 million. Looking on the bright side, they still did a good job with “Leave The Door Open.” #2 is everyone’s favorite song from Masked Wolf, that “Astronaut In The Ocean.” The “Honorable Mention” is going to Tiesto and “The Business” (seeing how it was close to making the top three, just barely missing it at #4). Then the #1 goes to Justin Bieber, who got to take the wife out on the town as they recently attended a band members wedding.

Take a listen:

Which one did you like?