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The Top Things Pharmacists Recommend for Headaches, Allergies, and More

An annual report called the “Over-the-Counter Guide” lists the top products pharmacists recommend.  Here are this year’s top picks for 10 different ailments, or other things you might encounter . . .

1.  Headaches: Tylenol.  Yes, they recommend it over Advil.

2.  For allergies: Claritin.  And for kids, Children’s Claritin.

3.  The best sunscreen: Neutrogena.

4.  The best thing for bug bites or bee stings: A product called After Bite.

5.  For coughs: A cough suppressant called Delsym that comes in an orange box.  And #1 for kids is Dimetapp.

6.  If you get the flu: Theraflu.

7.  The best multivitamins: Centrum.

8.  The best pregnancy test: First Response.

9.  The best over-the-counter option for acne: Differin Gel. 

10.  The best hand sanitizer: Purell.  

(U.S. News)