There’s a New Term for Dumping Someone Right Before Valentine’s Day: “Valentighting”


Valentine’s Day is on Friday.  And you may think we’re so close to the date at this point, you can’t DUMP your partner now. But that’s just not true.  And honestly, it’s probably better to dump them today than on Friday. With that in mind, there’s a new term going around for when you end a relationship right before Valentine’s Day:  “Valentighting.” The British writer who came up with it says she picked the term because, quote, “you’re too tight to get them a gift, write a card, or make any kind of fuss.” But it doesn’t just have to do with being CHEAP . . . you also want to avoid spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day because that might signal that you’re making an investment in the relationship.  

(Huffington Post)

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