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This Week in Science: Lightning, Space Sex, and Do Fish Feel Pain?

1.  The Mars helicopter was supposed to have its fourth flight yesterday and go faster than before.  But a software issue prevented it from taking off.  They were planning to try again this morning.  (You can check for updates here.)

2.  Florida isn’t the lightning capital of America anymore.  A new study found Oklahoma now gets slightly more lightning strikes per square mile.

3.  Researchers at Duke say they’ve come up with a new app that can detect autism in kids just by using a smartphone.

4.  It’s crazy that we still don’t have a real answer for this:  A new study looked whether or not fish brains are complex enough to feel pain.  And the answer is . . . they probably do, but we still can’t prove it.

5.  If we want to colonize other planets, we need to figure out space sex first.  A former consultant for NASA did an interview and talked about the challenges.  Just being in space can make it harder for men to perform.  And in a weightless environment, at least one of the two people might have to be tethered down.