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Two Women Found Out They Were Dating the Same Guy, Dumped Him, and Then Vacationed Together

 A couple months ago, two women in Houston discovered that they were dating the SAME guy. They’d both been with him for almost a year and they hatched an epic plan to confront him and get revenge. One of the women, Sophie, called the other, Kristen, and told her that she’d just found out about her.  And this was just a few days before Kristen was going to be flying to Turkey to vacation with the guy.

So, rather than cancel the trip, they decided that Sophie would also book a trip to Turkey, and they’d confront him THERE, in the airport in Turkey. Kristen changed the guy’s name on all the reservations to Sophie’s, so THEY could vacation together.  And the guy had to figure out everything on his own. Meanwhile, Sophie and Kristen toured Turkey, took photos together and then, when they flew back to the U.S., they were on the same flight as the ex-boyfriend.  They even sat right behind him on the plane. (New York Post)