Ways to Prevent “Maskne”


Have you had issues with “maskne” yet?  It’s the term people are using for mask-related acne.  And if you have to wear a mask all day, there are a few things you can do to prevent it . . .

1.  Wash your face more.  The main goal is to make sure oil and dirt don’t build up.  So washing your face is a big one.

2.  Wear less make-up.  Instead of foundation, try tinted moisturizers that aren’t as heavy and won’t clog your pores.  Or just wear no make-up on the lower half of your face.  No one can see it anyway, so what’s the point?

3.  Wash your mask more often.  Or use the disposable kind.  You’re supposed to wash reusable masks every time you use them anyway.  So having at least three or four clean ones that you can rotate in helps. (Hawaii News Now)

Coronavirus Insanity:

There’s a new TikTok trend where people “fake smile” under their masks.  That’s where you make the rest of your face look like you’re smiling, but when you take off your mask, you’re actually not.

Less than half of people say they’d want to get a coronavirus vaccine in the first year it’s available.  The biggest concern is the side effects.

Good News Stories:

Domino’s is giving away free pizzas to “Karens” in Australia who’ve been doing their part and wearing a mask.  The name of the campaign is “Calling All Karens.”  All they have to do is upload a photo ID, and explain why they’re one of the many “nice” Karens out there.

A guy on YouTube is going viral after he used an aerosol can to show how well masks work.  He took some flammable starter fluid, and sprayed it at an open flame.  Without a mask in front of the can, it hit the flame and caused a fireball from six feet away.  But with a mask, it didn’t even happen from six INCHES away.