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Tuesday, January 14th 2020

Washington D.C. is now also the BED BUG capital of the U.S., according to Orkin’s latest bed bug rankings.  (Full Story)

Scientists at the University of Michigan may’ve invented a pill that gives you the same benefits as working out.  (Full Story)

Cops in Texas are pulling fingerprints off slices of cheese that some vandals threw at a car to try to track them down.  (Full Story)

You can get one of the famous Popeyes chicken sandwiches for FREE if you order at least $20 worth of food from Popeyes on DoorDash.  (Full Story)

A former model in England stole nearly $300,000 from her grandmother with dementia.  (Full Story)

Oreo is bringing back its Most Stuf cookies, and they’ll give away $100,000 to people who vote on how much cream is the right amount of cream for an Oreo.  (Full Story)

A guy who broke into a Taco Bell in Georgia on Christmas and made himself food turned out to be a former employee.  (Full Story)

A cat in Australia did tens of thousands of dollars of damage to her owners’ house when she managed to turn on the washing machine and flood the place.  (Full Story)

The Supreme Court has decided not to weigh in on whether women have a right to be topless in public.  (Full Story)

Apparently there’s a new trend in male escorts . . . they’re all about listening to their clients and being sympathetic to their problems.  (Full Story)

A guy who stayed at an Airbnb in New York says the host threatened to report him for not showering at night.  (Full Story)

A woman in Iowa who fostered more than 600 children says she loved them all, quote, “like they were my own.”  (Full Story)

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