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What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Seen a Roommate Do?


You never really know someone until you live with them for a while.  So have you ever had a roommate with any WEIRD habits? Here are the ten best answers we’ve seen . . .

1.  “My roommate showers in the dark while sitting on a milk crate.”

2.  “I very quickly learned that he liked to pee outside.  Like, just stand on the patio and pee off it in the middle of the day.”

3.  Someone’s roommate left USED FLOSS all over the living room.  Quote, “Move a pillow?  Floss.  Move a paper?  Floss.”  They say she had great dental hygiene though.

4.  A girl’s roommate used to call her mom every night, put it on speaker, and describe the shower she’d just taken.  And the mom would ask follow-up questions like, “did you clean behind your ears,” and “did you clean your BUTT?”

5.  “He forgot to mention that he gets night terrors.”  So the first time he woke up screaming, they thought someone had broken in.

6.  A guy kept all of his beer in his bedroom instead of the fridge, and drank it at room temperature.

7.  They individually labeled all their oranges with their first initial, so no one else would eat them.

8.  Someone moved in with their best friend and found out she never uses spoons.  She only uses forks, even for soup and cereal.

9.  A guy liked making a sandwich that he claimed he invented called “butter cheese bread.”  It was just a grilled cheese.

10.  A woman moved in with a guy who didn’t use toilet paper.  He told her that he’d, quote, “have to start buying TP again now that a female was in the house.” (BuzzFeed)

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