Yes or B.S.: America Spent Over $1 Billion on Fireworks Last Year


Here’s a fun game you can play!

It’s time for “Yes or B.S.” We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it’s true or NO, it’s total B.S.  The Fourth of July is coming up this weekend, so that’s the topic . . .

1.  America has July 4th all to itself.  No other country in the world has its Independence Day on the Fourth of July.

Yes:  Belarus is July 3rd.  And Venezuela’s is the 5th.  But no one else has the Fourth.

2.  The term “Declaration of Independence” doesn’t actually appear in the document.

Yes:  The word “Declaration” is near the top.  And the word “independent” is in there a few times, but not “indepen-DENCE.”  “The Declaration of Independence” wasn’t the official name back then.  It’s just what we call it now.

3. Denmark celebrates America’s Independence Day each year to thank us for taking in so many immigrants.

Yes:  It’s the only country that officially celebrates with us.  They have a big party in a park with thousands of people.  It’s cancelled this year, but they’ve done it since 1912.

4.  We’ve never had a president who was born on the Fourth of July.

B.S.  Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872.  And three former presidents have DIED on the Fourth.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same day, July 4th, 1826.  And James Monroe died five years later, on July 4th, 1831.

5.  All combined, people in the U.S. spent over a BILLION dollars on fireworks last year.

Yes:  Consumers alone spent $1 billion, plus $375 million spent on professional-grade fireworks for all the displays around the country in 2019.